McDonald’s Fight For Life Charity

Boxing Event

MG’s 12 Second Show Down!!!!

Saturday 9 March 2002, live from Brisbane Entertainment Centre we see MG enter the venue to compete in the McDonalds Fight For Life Charity Boxing Event, against the Big AFL Mountain, Damian Monkhurst.

MG is waiting for the call up!

Big Damian Monkhurst makes the entry to the ring and goes to the Red Corner. The crowd gives Monky a cheer.

Well the moment has come ......... Darryl Eastlake calling"and in the Blue Corner, big bad mean Mark (MG) Geyer!" The crowd roars.

Damian and MG have nerves that are uncontrollable.

The bell rings to start Round 1 of the fight and we see the unexpected!

12 Seconds into the round and Monky is out for the count! He’s been put to sleep on the mat by MG. Monky received a few shots and MG happened to land the left hander, right where it mattered. Good night Monkhurst........!

MG was declared the winner!

This Boxing Game was over quicker than you can say: two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seeds bun.

The build up to this event has taken 3 months of hard physical training to allow all Fighters to be 100% fit for this event. Huge strains have been placed on each of the fighters, their loved ones, families and friends, to allow the required preparation for this event.

Thanks to all those who supported MG through this time. Thanks also to Roy, MG’s Trainer for his patience and advice, which allowed MG to be a success story tonight.

It was a pleasure for MG to be involved in the Youth Suicide Charity Boxing Event for 2002 and help raise those necessary funds to help reduce Youth Suicide in Australia.