Name: Mark Geyer
Date Of Birth: 7 December, 1968
Born: Sydney, Australia
Height: 196cm
Weight: 108kg
Marital Status: Married
Children: 5
Position: Prop (Forward)
Clubs: Penrith, Balmain, Western Reds
M.G.'s Profile Comment: Mark "MG" Geyer was without doubt the ultimate bad boy of league, these days you won't find a player more willing to cop a suspension if it means pulling off a hit that the fans would love.

He was a unique player when he played and the impact he had on the fans and the game was one that was profound. He always gave the game his all and often had teams scared to face him due to his imposing size and incredible strength.

He could break any lines defence with his no nonsense running and his defence was bruising if you caught him on a placid day. He could drill any player on the paddock and would back it up by knocking them over when he ran at them.

If you are looking for a perfect example of the typical good old Penrith boy look no further than MG.

The day he retired was one of sadness for the whole rugby league community.

A player of his style and bravery will never be seen again.

When MG retired so did the whole ideals of old fashioned tough grinding footballers. 

Who was the first, last and only one of his kind. MG sums up what it's all about to play football.  If you don't play it as hard as you can, why play ?

MG was a true champion, he was the people champion.

MG will be missed from the great game of rugby league

This Profile Comment has been written by Michael Thompson who is 15 years old from St. Clair, NSW Australia. (2003)